Azure Guest Configuration Policy – Part 2 – Assigning the Policy

In part 1 of the Azure Guest Configuration Policy series I walked through the process of creating a custom guest policy using a DSC configuration. In this post, I’ll walk through the output of the guest policy publishing process and how to assign the new initiative to a target scope in an Azure subscription.

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Speeding up Azure PowerShell scripting with Azure Resource Graph

I was recently working with Azure Graph using the Az.ResourceGraph PowerShell module to query resources across our Azure tenant to test the speed compared to traditional Azure PowerShell scripts I’ve written in the past. Let’s just say I will never go back to traditional Azure PowerShell for scenarios where Azure Graph is an option moving forward!  My original Azure PowerShell script took several minutes to finish looping through all of the our subscriptions to finally output a full list of VMs in the tenant. Simply replacing this section of the script with an Azure Graph query reduced the run time to seconds! 

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How to escape double quotes in ARM templates

This will be a very short post, but it’s something that drove me crazy while adding OMS deployment and configuration to my automated deployment and configuration of our internal application and underlying infrastructure using PowerShell, PowerShell DSC and ARM templates.  As a part of this deployment, I wanted to include saved queries which are required to create alerts, but I was unable to figure out how to escape the double quotes needed in OMS search for queries such as the following:


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